Higher Education Ministry holds workshop on Skills development


June 24, 2020

By Jeneba A. Conteh

The Ministry of Technical and Higher Education yesterday held a skills development sensitization workshop at the National Stadium Hostels in Freetown.

The skills development project is funded by World Bank.

Director of Technical and Vocational Training in the Ministry of Technical and Higher Education, Dr. Victor Massaquoi, said the workshop was to address  participants from different sectors in respect of the 22 million United States Dollar project funded by World Bank, to address skills development in Sierra Leone.

He said for the past thirty years the country has received money for several youth empowerment project and skill training, but that nothing has come out of it.

 He said in   2018, a study was done by the Government of Sierra Leone and World Bank specifically to analyse the skills that the  country has,  giving the fact that when Africa Minerals came into the country they were looking for people with skills, but to no avail, so they have to go out and brought in  people from other countries.

He said they want to prevent that scenario and that the aim of the project is to help people access the right skill on demand, adding that the project is an opportunity for young people to learn new skills.

He said they will train youth in specified skill areas that will make life better for some of the young people that will benefit from those institutions.

Assignment Manager, Pete Kaindemeh said the project has two components including skills development and capacity building, and that their main focus is to help develop skills that are demanded out there.

He said mostly youth are not able to meet the skills demanded by certain institutions and that they want to ensure they provide jobs for the youth.

He noted that Sierra Leone is bound to face so many challenges because the country lacks the job skills required by many institutions, adding that it is the government’s intention to provide skills for youth to be gainfully employed.

 He said at the end of the exercise they want to ensure that youth can acquire job or go and set up their own business.

One of the participants, Abduail  Dulai Bangura, a principle from the Vocational Training Centre  said he was grateful for the project  considering the fact that vocational institutions abound in the  country.