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High Court slams injunction on C4C

April 8, 2021

By Hassan Gbassay Koroma

A High Court in Sierra Leone has slammed an interim injunction on the Coalition 4 Change party (C4C) after a faction took the party to court on the grounds of misappropriation and anti-party activities, a public notice from the party secretariat says.

According to a public notice issued yesterday (April 7), the Court slammed an interim injunction prohibiting the party’s  interim National Chairman, Tamba Sandi and other executive members from undertaking any activity in the name of C4C.

On August 12, 2020, a faction within the party sought the court to halt the activities of the C4C executive alleging misappropriation of party funds, anti-party activities and various other breaches of the C4C constitution.

The public notice says the respondents, Tamba Sandi and the other defendants resisted the application and filed a preliminary objection to strike out the case, but on 16th December, 2021, the presiding Judge Samuel O. Taylor ruled against Tamba Sandi and his Co, thus ordering them to pay fifty million Leones cost.

They said the date for the substantive hearing of the matter was still pending but that the defendant Tamba Sandi had continued to engage in political and public activities on behalf of the C4C party in violation of the court order.

“This is in violation of the interim injunction issued by the Sierra Leone High Court. The plaintiffs’ lawyer, J.J Campbell of Ngakui and Partners, Kangova Chambers, has been supplied with video evidence, write ups and audio clips clearly showing and recording of Tamba Sandi breaching the court’s injunction against him and the rest of the party’s executives,” they stated.

They further stated that Lawyer Campbell has presented the evidence to the High Court, but no known actions has been taken against Tamba Sandi.

“We, the plaintiffs, as respecters of the laws of our country, have strenuously abided by the dictates of the interim injunction while Tamba Sandi and his associates continue to display utter disrespect for the orders of the High Court,” they stated.

They also stated that Tamba Sandi’s actions were not only discourteous to the justice system, but an attempt to make mockery of Justice Samuel Taylor’s ruling and the entire judicial system.

They informed all Sierra Leoneans that Tamba Sandi does not represent the C4C party and any attempt to do so is in violation of the current injunction that prohibits him from doing so.

The faction called on all organizations, political parties and interested groups not to invite Tamba Sandi to any event on behalf of C4C.

The group also encouraged the courts to enforce the country’s laws and its rulings by taking immediate steps to expediently punish those who egregiously violate their rulings.

“The Court is an institution and the last resort for aggrieved citizens to seek justice, whilst others do as they are told by the Courts, Tamba Sandi, the center point of an injunction ruling, is deliberately violating the laws of our country. This is unacceptable by any standard of decency, law, and order,” they said.

Speaking to Concord Times, the lead complainant Sahr Nyaama said the C4C Party was established in 2017 and in January 2018 they have their convention where they elected interim executive with the mandate to take the party to the 2018 elections and conducts convention for the substantive executive of the party within ninety days.

He said the mandate of the interim executive have overlapped and until the interim executive is yet to take the party to convention.

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