High Court nullifies NPD’s Interim executive


October 27, 2017 By Memunatu Bangura 

Justice Mohamed Sengu-Koroma has slammed an interlocutory injunction restraining the current national executive of the National Progressive Democrats (NPD) party until the matter before his court is resolved.

Jesmed Foday Mami Suma, Membership Director of NPD, had sued the party for alleged irregularities during the conduct of their just concluded convention.

Suma and some of the former executives also sued the party’s interim chairman Vidal Wadiike Williams and Secretary General Susan Williams for alleged irregularities.

Mr. Suma and his allies claim that there were irregularities in the conduct of the inaugural convention that was held on 8th and 9th October, which was organised by the Mr Williams and Ms Williams, thus praying that the court nullifies the result on the ground non-compliance with and contravention of the NPD Constitution.

Suliaman Banja Tejan-sie, counsel for the plaintiffs,had canvassed the court to grant the injunction, while opposing g counsel A.K. Kamara argued that Mr Jesmed Suma has no authority to sue the party to court as he was supported by the wrong executive.

Lawyer Kamara opined that the matter was a threat to democracy in Sierra Leone, adding that the NPD constitution states that the party must have a presidential candidate at least six months before the elections, and that a convention anytime between October and March 2018 would not meet that criterion.

On the contrary, Mr Tejan-sie argued that the date of the convention, for which they are in court, doesn’t amount to six months, thus the issue of six months had long evaded the argument.

Justice Sengu Koroma noted that his intention was not for want the party’s operations to stall as elections are around the corner, thus ordering the plaintiffs to make an undertaken to pay damages.

“I am therefore granting an interim injunction on the executive of the inaugural convention,” the judge ordered.

He promised to send out notices for the continuation of the matter.