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Heavy handed policing leaves Chinese national in agony

By Hassan G. Koroma

A Chinese lady holds her ribs in agony as a result of crude policing tactics
A Chinese lady holds her ribs in agony as a result of crude policing tactics

Concerned citizens have condemned the attitude of and method employed by new Operational Support Division recruits deployed at strategic locations, ostensibly to crackdown on commercial motorbike riders, locally known as ‘Okada riders’.

This current crop of recruits have been thrust on the public even though they are yet to graduate from the Police Training School, and have been less than conventional in their modus operandi, especially with regards Okada riders, thus putting the lives of passengers at serious risk.

Their action drew the ire of eyewitnesses yesterday after a Chinese lady – who was on a commercial motorbike heading towards Kingtom Bridge – sustained injuries after these overzealous recruits forced the rider to stop, using crude means.

“These police officers will cause death to passengers if not cautioned by their bosses. We clearly understand that they are performing their lawful duty but such should be done with caution,” said Santigie Kargbo, a pedestrian who witnessed the incident on Kroo Town Road.

He condemned the method of physically attacking commercial bike riders with reckless abandon as to the safety of passengers.

“Had it not been for divine intervention, this Chinese lady would have lost her life,” he said, as the distraught victim held on to her side, apparently in pain.

Meanwhile, the victim, who refused to disclose her name, was taken to a nearby hospital at Kingtom for treatment.

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