Health Ministry sympathises with Spur Road accident victims


October 10, 2018

By PRO Unit – MOHS

Dr. Wurie paid a visit to the accident victims

Minister of Health and Sanitation Dr. Alpha Tejan Wurie, his deputy and top ministry officials have visited and sympathised with victims of the October 1 Spur Road fatal accident over the weekend at the 34 Military Hospital, Wilberforce, Freetown.
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Handing over two truck load of free healthcare drugs and other medical items to replenish the hospital stock, Dr. Alpha Wurie informed his audience that the 34 Military Hospital would be transformed into a tertiary and referral hospital.

He said their visit was to share and sympathise with the army and families of the victims, adding that he was saddened that the army suffered such fatality during a time of peace.

He said the donation was to replenish their stock and improve their state of preparedness for future accidents.

He added that the free healthcare drugs for pregnant women, lactating mothers, children under-five have been extended to people with disability and Ebola Survivors.

Deputy Minister of Defence, Retired Colonel Simeon Naseru Sheriff, said the donation came at a time when it was badly needed and thanked the Ministry of Health for their support.

He observed that they were witnessing one of an overlapping function between the Health Ministry and the 34 Military hospital, and on behalf of his boss he assured that the items would be used for their intended purposes.

Chief of Defence Staff, Lt. Gen. Brima Sesay said the donation could never have been welcome than now, as the Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces (RSLAF) was critically short of drugs.

He said the 34 Military hospital was not only serving the military but also civilians and immediate communities around Wilberforce, adding that most of the services they render are almost free of cost.

Commanding Officer, Joint Medical Unit, Lt. Col. Dr. Stephen Sevalie, described the incidence as an acute crisis in which personnel of the RSLAF and civilians were involved.

He informed the gathering that in total there are 81 causalities, adding that on day one of the accident, all causalities were brought to the 34 Military hospital, with eight (8) dead on arrival.

He added that they’ve got lot of support from partners, adding that Connaught hospital has been very supportive from day one as they took 14 causalities, while the Emergency hospital took 22.