Health Ministry receives palm oil from Goldtree


OCTOBER 31, 2014

Goldtree Holdings, a leading palm oil processing and producing company operating in Daru, Kailahun District, on Wednesday handed over twenty-five thousand (25,000) tons of palm oil to the Ministry of Health and Sanitation as part of their contribution to the fight against the dreaded Ebola virus in the country.

The donated palm oil is equivalent to 70,000 gallons and according to the Director of Goldtree, Mustapha Turay, they would donate US$25,000 worth of palm oil across the country.

He said the palm oil could be used for consumption in treatment and holding centers as well as quarantined homes across the country.

He said the company had done a lot in their operational area – Kailahun District – as part of efforts to eradicate the Ebola disease.

“We offered our clinic to MSF as well as sensitized our staff members and their families about the danger of Ebola,” he said. “We also distributed some disinfectants to residents in Kailahun District.”

Giving a brief background of the company, General Manager Pieter Van Dessel said Goldtree Holdings was established in Sierra Leone in 2007 and that they started production in 2013.

The company, he said, has 1,000 hectares of palm oil plantation in Daru with an additional 5,000 hectares, and an oil mill that has the capacity to process thousands of tons of palm oil per hour.

“Aside from our own plantation, we also buy fruits from out-growers and we have 9,000 of them in Kailahun and Kenema,” he said, adding that the company currently employs 450 staff plus 150 casual workers and that their operation is not being affected the Ebola outbreak.

Receiving the item from the company at the World Food Programme stores, Kissy Dockyard, Isatu Conteh from the Ministry of Health and Sanitation expressed appreciation and promised that the palm oil would be used for its intended purpose.