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On the State of the Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia

 January 28, 2020

By Wang Xinmin, Political Counsellor of the Chinese Embassy in Sierra Leone

After the outbreak of pneumonia caused by the novel coronavirus, the Chinese government has attached great importance and made comprehensive deployment on prevention and control with openness, transparency and a high sense of responsibility towards global health security.

Relevant authorities have formulated comprehensive, strict prevention and control schemes including personal protection, medical treatment and pathogen detection in response to the pneumonia outbreak caused by the novel coronavirus to curb any momentum of spreading.

Up to 24 January, a total of 1,287 laboratory-confirmed cases were timely reported and appropriately treated, among which there were 41 deaths. Meanwhile, we have shared information of the epidemic with the WHO and relevant countries in a timely manner, which has been highly recognized by WHO and the international community. Having successful experience in response to SARS epidemic, the Chinese side is confident and capable of containing this epidemic to safeguard national, regional and global health security.

I believe that the international community, especially friendly countries and people, will fully understand and support China’s relevant efforts and pray for China.

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