Head of EU: ‘We will support political transformation that represents the views of the people’


December 12, 2017 By Mohamed Massaquoi

European Union Head Tom Vens

Head of European Union in Sierra Leone has said that his organisation was looking forward to a democratically elected president that would represent every strata of the Sierra Leonean population, adding that they would work with a government of the people by the people and for the people.

Tom Vens, while interacting with the media yesterday at Balmaya restaurant in Freetown, said the media has an important role to play in fostering good governance, democracy and human rights as cardinal principles of strengthening the brighter future of Sierra Leone.

He said the EU could meaningfully contribute to youth and women’s empowerment, economic satiability, and environmental protection, among others, when the country is stable and its democratic credentials are incongruent with peace and harmonious relationships among Sierra Leoneans.

He added that having been in the country for the past three months, he was fascinated to learn more from the rich culture of Sierra Leoneans and their God -given hospitality.

“Sierra Leone is a special place for me. I have travelled to some parts of the country and this will continue in order to have more interactions with the people. We all know that two months from now the country will be going into an electioneering period,” he said.

“We are following up with the election process and we are closely talking to political leaders, civil society members, the electoral commission, government and other stakeholders in the election process. A successful transfer of power for us is important but that has to be determined by the people in a democratic way.”

He continued that: “We are going to again receive our election observer mission in the country very soon. I am happy that from the media, civil society and even government are well aware about the recommendations made by the EU observer mission in the previous elections.”

He concluded that he was happy to be in Sierra Leone and very impressed with the level of religious tolerance that has existed among Sierra Leoneans over the past decades.