Hannah Bockarie’s murder trial…


“I overheard the deceased shouting that they would killed her”

March 29, 2017 By Hassan Gbassay Koroma

The second prosecution witness in the Hannah Bockarie murder trial at the High Court of Sierra Leone, presided over by Justice John Bosco Alieu, yesterday told the court that she overheard the deceased at the bar of the first accused shouting that they would kill her.

The accused persons – Mohamed Lamin Kamara and Paul Corn – are before the court on two count charges of conspiracy and murder contrary to the laws of Sierra Leone.

State Prosecution, led by K. Z. Bangura Esq., alleges that both accused persons on 14th August, 2015 at Aberdeen-Lumley Beach, conspired together with unknown individuals to murder, and murdered one Hannah Bockarie.

The witness, whom the court asked not to disclose her name and address for security reasons, identified the deceased as her friend.

She also recognised the accused persons, thus recalling the day of the incident.

According to the witness, she was with the deceased at Aberdeen beach on the night of the incident, but later left to take a shower at home.

She testified that upon her return to the beach, she didn’t see the deceased at her previous location, but was directed by a man as to her whereabouts.

She further testified that she located the deceased and others at the Bentuma Bar, along Aberdeen Beach before she left them and headed for Q-Bar.

She testified that the other friends later met her at Q-Bar and informed her that the deceased was with the first accused.

She told the court that at around 3am, she was going towards Family Kingdom together with one of her friends when a van of police officers chased and tried to apprehend them, but escaped and hid behind the bar belonging to the first accused.

She said while in hiding, she overheard the deceased shouting in the said bar, groaning that they would kill her.

She said she informed her friend about the incident, but she didn’t treat it with seriousness.

The witness further testified that she later decided to return to the scene to confirm the incident but couldn’t raise alarm because nobody was at the beach at that moment to rescue her.

“The deceased shouted until her voice faded away. I later saw the first accused come outside with a tattered cloth and looked around to know if there was people outside. I managed to leave the scene and went towards Aces Night Club, where I met some men drinking alcohol. I explained the incident to one Mr. Gandi, but he did not treat it with seriousness,” she testified.

She said that the remains of the deceased were found at the beach the following morning and that she went to the scene but could not say a word to the police for fear of being arrested.

She concluded that it was Mr. Gandi, who later told the police that she knew everything about the incident, and that she was subsequently taken to the Aberdeen Police Station where she made a statement.

The matter continues.