Guma to supply water 16hrs per day


January 28, 2019

By Joseph S. Margai

Alie Kabba, Monitoring and Evaluation Manager, Guma Valley Water Company

The Monitoring and Evaluation Manager, Guma Valley Water Company (GVWC), Alie Kabba, has on last week Thursday yesterday  told  Concord Times that his company was going to commence another two weeks of  rationing  water supply  to communities in the Western Area for 16 hours per day.

Guma, which started a two-week water supply rationing program on a pilot basis two weeks back, would continue to do same for another two weeks and the process had commenced on Thursday, 24th January, 2019.

Kabba, who was speaking in his Guma Building office on Lamina Sankoh Street in Freetown, said the company has successfully completed the first pilot wherein they rationed supply to salvage the water crisis that was hitting Freetown and its environs.

He said during those weeks, they were supplying water for eight hours per day.

Asked as to why they decided to start another two-week rationing of water supply, he stated that during the first pilot phase, they received lot of complaints from residents of Wilkinson Road, Murray Town, Aberdeen, and some parts of the Central Business District (CBD), among others, about shortage of water.

“Before the commencement of the pilot phase I, the above named communities were receiving uninterrupted water supply. But when we started the rationing of water supply for eight hours per day that lasted for two weeks, there was a problem and that’s why the management decided to re-introduce the two weeks rationing for 16 hours per day,” he said.

He disclosed that the demand for water in Freetown was more than what Guma could provide, adding that the  dam at Mile 13 was prepared to supply 89 million gallons of water per day, but now  forced to supply almost 300 million gallons of water per day.

Highlighting the success of the pilot phase I, Kabba said they were able to supply water to communities that have gone for a very long time without water.

“We were also able to identify leakages along our transmission lines. There were leakages that we were unaware of. But during the first two weeks pilot, we were able to amend some of these leakages.
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We will continue to amend those leakages so as to prevent wastage,” he said.