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The ripple effects of the anticipated outcome of the Commissions of Inquiry

Part one

February 6, 2020

Ibrahim Jalloh


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William Shakespeare was an excellent literary scholar. His writings are all graded as classics of unimaginable proportion. Lessons of life can be always drawn from the literary works of William Shakespeare. His in-depth understanding of the human being and the human condition was and is still unrivalled.  One of Shakespeare’s best examples of a dark tragic narrative is his book titled “Macbeth”. “Macbeth”, among others, has the recurring theme of guilt. Macbeth was a great general whose vaulting ambition caused him to murder King Duncan for him to ascend the throne. He succeeded in murdering King Duncan with the active connivance of his wife, Lady Macbeth. The rest was the catastrophic fall and eventual death of Macbeth. The moral is that uncontrolled and unbridled ambition is a pathway to tragic end and damnation.

The concluding Commissions of Inquiry are a replicated symbol of the “Mouse Trap” as used in “Macbeth” to catch the conscience of the king. The concluding moments of the Commissions and the loaded revelations are throwing panic and desperate maneuvering to the domains of those who are, by all indications, graduating to having pecuniary resources disproportionate to their official emoluments. One can sensed a suppressed potential eruption to escape the almost inevitable reality of being ban from holding public and/or confiscation of probable stolen property. Needless to say, there could be sleepless nights in a considerable number of homes. These ate so called “good homes”, homes built on the foundation of stolen wealth.

A School of Thought is ascribing the spate and chain of violent actions in Freetown in recent times as a calculated and orchestrated ploy by the obvious suspects to stem the tide and thwart the biting outcome of the Commissions of Inquiry in the guise of potential national upheaval. Regrettably for them, this cannot hold. The call to accountability and good stewardship is roaring. Decades of uncontrolled corruption spiced with callous impunity has drowned the national fortunes for a great nation. I judged that President Bio believes in what he says and does. This is no longer a smokescreen but a contemplated reality and one that is speeding in ferocity.

Granted, corruption is fighting back. We must not underestimate the ferocity of the fight the agents and beneficiaries of corruption are putting up. Regrettably, they are on the wrong side of history. This country must be redeemed from the snares of corruption. We must believe in the fight and fight the fight. It is a Jihad and has a heavenly reward.

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