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Friday, May 20, 2022

Government urged to set up information data for transparency

By Hassan G. Koroma

Executive Director of Centre for Community Informatics Research, Development and Training, Michael Gurstein, has said that in order for government to promote transparency and accountability they should establish information databases that are easily accessible to the public.

He was speaking at a two-day training workshop for public officials on how to disseminate information to the public, organized by Society for Democratic Initiatives (SDI) at the Presidential Lounge of the National Stadium in Freetown, last week.

Mr. Gurstein maintained that government can promote transparency in the country by informing citizens about their activities, which would promote the rule of law and strengthen citizens’ participation in governance.

He also urged government to make information available not only to citizens but to the world, in a bid to share information about agriculture investment and various economic sectors, to showcase to the world progress and lapses in the country.

He commended government for the passage of the Access to Information Bill into law, which he said was a step towards development in the country, and encouraged that the Act be implemented for the benefit of all, drawing an analogy with India where the government and citizenry are reaping the benefits of access to information.

“In India they found it difficult to pass the Freedom to Information bill into law but when they finally did it helped them greatly and they are now saying that it is the most important bill they had ever passed to law in India because it gives their citizens the power to know about the activities of their country,” he said.

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