Government transfers 42.2 million USD into Elections Basket Fund

Members of the Multi-Stakeholders Committee

By Ishmael Dumbuya

The Ministry of Finance has in the 10th Multi-Stakeholders Committee Meeting held at Bintumani Hotel, Aberdeen revealed that they have transferred a cumulative total of NLe 657.5 Million (42.2 million USD) into the Elections Basket Fund in order to ensure that funds are provided for the Electoral Commission for Sierra Leone (EC-SL)  and all the Elections Management Bodies (EMBs).

According to the ministry, in line with their commitment to ensuring all funds provided for the other Elections Management Bodies are disbursed as soon as possible, they worked with the EMBs to process all documents required to make outstanding payments to them, adding that 12 EMBs have received their payments in full.

The ministry says the Political Parties Regulation Commission (PPRC) received NLe. 4,000, National Commission for Democracy  (NCD)  NLe 2,000, Sierra Leone Police (SLP) NLe 38.8, 000, Office of Nationa Security (ONS)  NLe. 7.5, 000, Central Intelligence Agency (CSA) NLe. 4,000, Judiciary NLe. 4,000, Ministry of Defence NLe. 6,000, NaCCED NLe. 1,000, SLBC NLe 2,000, Independent Peace Commission NLe. 4,000, HRCSL NLe. 1.3,000, Office of the Attorney General NLe 732,800, Correctional Services NLe2,000 and National Fire Force NLe 500,000.

In his remarks, the Chief Electoral Commissioner, Mohamed Konneh, confirmed that the commission has received the amount indicated for the electioneering process, adding that the funds has  expedited and smoothened their preparedness for the upcoming elections.

He added that the EC-SL used to be rationing electricity, but since he assumed office, has has ensured that there is a steady flow of electricity.

He concluded by promising the people of Sierra Leone that the Commission under his leadership will ensure there is a free, fair and impartial elections across the country.

The US Ambassador to Sierra Leone, David Dale Reimer, appealed to stakeholders in the security sector to ensure that there’s an open line of communication among all political parties, including the aggrieved ones.

 He therefore appealed for the internet not to be shut down on polling day.

The UN Resident Coordinator, Babatunde Ahonsi,called on all political parties to remain calm and law abiding in the June 24th elections, adding that the UN is fully committed to ensuring that there is a democratic and peaceful election.

The National Coordinator, ONS, Abdulai Caulker, reiterated the ONS’s commitments to providing security for every Sierra Leonean on polling day. He therefore urged all Sierra Leoneans to be law abiding and work within the frame of the law.

In attendance were the EU Ambassador, Irish Ambassador, UK Ambassador, and Members of the Fourth Estate.


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