Government Rokel Secondary school turns eyesore  


March 2, 2020

 By Alhaji Haruna Sani

The dilapidated structures

Government Rokel Secondary School situated at Tower Hill, adjacent the country’s parliament, is currently in a dilapidated shape and not ideal for learning.

The structures are in total ruin and authorities concerned with the advancement education in Sierra Leone should take necessary steps to fully refurbish the said structures within the school premises.

Most of the structures have skeleton window frames with no glasses, rickety desk and chairs and round holes at roof tops and ceiling, which seemed as if a huge iron boulder punched its entrance through them. It is easier during class sessions for people to be distracted by soaring birds flying high in bright blue sky

Principal of the school,Alicious Kamara, told Concord Times  that the school  is entirely government owned and controlled, and that it is the responsibility of government to renovate it.

He stated that his administration has intention to do some renovation work, especially on the perimeter fence that has collapsed over the years, but expressed frustration that government has not provided them with their first and second term fee subsidies.

Kamara said he was upset with the condition of the school, but that he could not do anything to fix the mountain of problems the school is faced with, without government’s intervention.

Concord Times observed that there is a derelict structure located at the vertically extreme right corner of the collapsed school fence going towards parliament, which has two classrooms that are exclusively used as an optional place to rest and mostly used as ghetto by senior pupils.

When our reporter attempted to enter those classrooms, he had a warm welcome, with standing ovation from flies that were feasting on open faeces excreted on bear floor and he could not withstand the unbearable stench from defecates. At the back of the buildings are bushes with tall grasses that could serve as comfortable breeding ground for poisonous reptiles like snakes, and arachnids like scorpions.

It is further observed that whenever  it rains the leaking roofs would certainly force pupils out to look for other buildings to continue class, and that would be only possible if the school has enough classrooms to accommodate its massive population.

Some of the pupils expressed that the school has been in that bad shape over the years and successive governments have turned blind eyes on the ugly state of the school.