German Ambassador celebrates fall of Berlin Wall

November 14, 2019

By Frederick v. Kanneh


The Germany envoy to Sierra Leone, Horst Gruner, has on the 9th November, 2019, through a buffet dinner party, celebrated the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

The occasion was graced by journalists and other diplomats at the Radisson Blue/Mammy Yoko Hotel in Freetown.

Given a brief history of how the Berlin Wall  fell, the envoy explained that it was on the same day 30 years ago in East Germany, when the Unity Party’s  Schabowski held a press conference, in which  he declared a number of decisions to be taken including a new regulation permitting travels to the West for all East German citizens.

He continued that when he was asked as to when the regulations would be effected, he mistakenly replied that it would be done immediately.

“That single mistake in form of statement went all over the country through the media and people reacted desperately by besieging the border crossing between the East and West Germany. Eventually, the boarder gates were opened by the badly stressed guard. The wall, this deadly fortification came down, and immediately the two Germany heads reunited,” he explained.

He continued that ever since after the fall of the Berlin Wall, Germany had been working assiduously on consultations that geared towards building effective foundation that would prevent future occurrence of same, adding that they have gained a significant inroads with their international relations and were presently keeping strong focus on climate and security issues around the globe as part of their foreign policy.

On the bilateral relationship between Germany and Sierra Leone, the German envoy stated that the two sister countries had had a long standing relation from 1961 up to date, adding that up to recent past, Sierra Leone had two German ambassadors.

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Solomon Jamiru stated that the whole world recalled 30years ago when the Berlin Wall was opened, with the two leaders from East and West Germany shaking hands to signify the beginning of peace in Germany.

He added that the fall of the wall did not only brought Germany to one or ended the cold war, but was also a call for the whole world to be in constant business for building bridges rather than barriers

“That is what we are all gathered to celebrate 3 decades after. We are aware that Africa was the playground for the cold war in Europe, but the end of the war Africa has made so many relationships with Europe,” he said.

He concluded that since climate and security was the top priority to Germany’s foreign policy, according to the envoy, he expressed hope that the climate action summit that took place in September this year will expedite action on climate change.