Political Witch-hunt?


APC diplomat under death threat

July 30, 2018

mohamed kamara

Current Sierra Leone’s Information and Communication Officer to the Sierra Leone Embassy in Tehran- Iran is under serious threat and fear to return home after receiving several death threats from supporters and politicians from the ruling party, the Sierra Leone People Party (SLPP).

Mohamed Kamara who like other Information Officers in the respective Sierra Leone Embassy’s across the World has already been told to return home bringing an end to their international assignment.

However, Kamara like others is still in Iran while waiting for the sitting government to give them their reparation funds few others made their way to Freetown following the dictates of country’s Chief Minister through the Foreign Affairs Ministry.

Meanwhile, Kamara who is the former Assistant Propaganda Secretary of the then ruling and now main opposition party, the All People Congress (APC) national youth wing and the former Monitoring and Evaluation officer could not dear steep his feet on the country’s soil else he risked losing his life.

The former acting PRO of Youth Affairs under the Youth Ministry is currently needed as an influential young person and the son of the late chief of Bonthe whose father died last on the 26th July 2018.

Whiles the people of his chiefdom are demanding that he succeeded his father, the current government who has also made several changes in Makeni, the APC party strong hold on certain chieftaincy are also kicking against that not to even see Kamara in that role leaving him with threat on his life and family.