FUSL holds First Ever Fula Speaking Competition


January 31, 2018

Khadija M. Jalloh and Chernor Yayah Jalloh winners representing Ghandal Forlly
(R to L) Guest Speaker Alhaji Manoma Judges: Sheik Bailor Jalloh, Sheik Mahmud Bah, Sheik Sanusie Jalloh, Sheik Lama Jalloh, Sheik Allieu Barrie

The Fulbeh Union Sierra Leone last Sunday held the first ever Fula Speaking Competition in the country at the Miatta Conference Centre, Youyi Building.

Ghandal Forly participants Khadija M. Jalloh and Chernor Yayah Jagitay ended up winning the competition.

“I’m proud to be the Fula that clinched the second prize and Fula Foundation took the third prize.”

Several Fula organisation were invited to send representatives of which eight organisations were selected including, Ghandal Forly, I’m Proud to be a Fula, Union Nenneh Gotor, Fula Foundation, Fula Sisters, Fula Progressive Youths, Pottal Fi Bhantal Fulbeh, and the Endan Brotherhood. However the Endan Brotherhood made a last minute withdrawal.

Speaking at the , guest speaker, renowned Fula Chief and businessman, Alhaji Manoma applauded FUSL for their brilliant initiative which according to him would surely add value to the Fula language.

He said such are the programs he loves to hear about and witness, noting he himself realised of late that the Fula language has been disappearing among the youth in the country.

Alhaji Manoma urged all that attended to speak the language at all times when in company of their tribesmen or at home to their children. He said the language is one of the most important things that identifies a tribe and if the language disappears, then there is no tribe.

He encouraged FUSL members to also discuss in Fula whenever they hold meetings with other Fula people noting that the Krio is for dealings with people who are not of the same tribe.

President of Fulbeh Union Sierra Leone, Sallieu Bah (Elba) thanked everybody for coming. He said the aim of FUSL is to preserve and protect the Fula culture and tradition which he noticed has been disappearing lately.

He noted that everybody is so focused on the Western Culture that we are virtually forgetting our own as Africans. He said the initiative came about as a result of the fact that there are several Fula youths out there who cannot speak the language or who are poor in speaking the language.

Sallieu Bah informed that this is why as an organisation, FUSL decided to bring this competition which he believes would motivate the Fula youths to practice speaking the language eloquently and to understand some of the deep meanings of the language.

Elba highlighted that they are focusing on the youths as they would be the ones to take over from the elderly people eventually and as such, they need to be well equipped with every aspect of the Fula tribe.

He ended that the competition was going to be a yearly competition and they expect to host another early next year by the grace of Allah.

The competition was done in three sessions. First session had to do with Quizzes on general knowledge of the Fula language and narration of some idioms in the language. The second session dealt with poems which were read in the Fula language and the third session had to do with an actual debate in Fula on four solid topics.

The judges of the competition are renowned Fula Islamic scholars in the country including Sheik Lama Jalloh, Sheik Bailor Jalloh, Sheik Allieu Barrie, Sheik Mahmud Bah and the Chief Judge Sheik Sanusie Jalloh who did an excellent job of moderating the whole show.

Mohamed Ramadan Bah of Culture Radio was the Chairman of the event alongside the Public Relations person of FUSL.