FTL prioritizes safety, climate change awareness on world safety day

Staff of Freetown Terminal Limited (FTL at the event

 By Ibrahim Kabba Turay

Freetown Terminal Limited (FTL) took proactive steps to address climate change awareness and safety concerns during World Safety Day, held at their headquarters on Queen Elizabeth II Quay, Cline Town Freetown.

Maroon Abi Aad, the General Manager of FTL, emphasized the crucial connection between climate change and workplace health and safety.

Recognizing this intersection, Abi Aad underscored the importance of addressing climate change while ensuring safety measures within the terminal’s operations.

In an interview with Awoko, Abi Aad outlined FTL’s proactive approach to climate change, including measures such as acquiring energy-efficient equipment and transitioning to sustainable practices. Initiatives such as using LED lights, electric trucks, and solar panels aim to reduce the terminal’s carbon footprint and adapt to changing climate conditions.

Abi Aad also highlighted 14 golden rules designed to prioritize staff well-being and prevent accidents, noting their effectiveness in averting complex situations. The company’s dedication to safety is evident through provisions like water and rest breaks for workers in extreme weather conditions, demonstrating a commitment to employee health and operational efficiency.

Madam Andrea Haffner, an environmental specialist from CEMMATS, emphasized the urgent need to address climate change’s impact on occupational health and safety. Highlighting risks such as extreme weather events and air pollution, Haffner advocated for sustainable practices and enhanced safety protocols in collaboration with organizations like the International Labour Organization (ILO).

Patrick B Sannoh, the QHSE Manager at FTL, reiterated the importance of addressing climate change’s consequences, including reduced productivity and increased health risks for workers. Sannoh stressed the need for businesses to adopt sustainable practices, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and prioritize employee safety to mitigate adverse effects on operations and long-term sustainability.

In embracing sustainable practices, fortifying safety protocols, and fostering awareness, Freetown Terminal Limited contributes to a safer, more sustainable future while safeguarding both the planet and livelihoods.


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