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Friendly fire is not to be entertained in the Body of Christ!

By Rashid Justice Dumbuya

I am not a perfect Christian and i rely on God’s grace daily as i strive towards perfection and for the sustainability of my spiritual life. However, if there is anything that makes me feel sick, disheartening and disgusting is when I see Christians becoming accomplices to spreading false and uncorroborated rumours against their fellow Christians, sister church ministries and  the church of God as a whole; all in the name of jealousy , enviousness and wicked heart. Don’t we have a course to defend the integrity of the church when wicked people try to make a ridicule out of it?

I am member of Winners Chapel but I have always maintained an open heart to associate with any church or ministry who preaches and uphold the fundamentals of the Gospel of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.  For instance, I was just recently appointed by the pastor of CHRIST EMBASSY CHURCH here in Dundee, Scotland to be the Secretary to the Committee for a one million evangelism outreach distribution of Rhapsody of Realities throughout the UK even though he knows very well that I am a Winners Chapel member. A gullible Christian would have rejected such appointment in the name of ‘I have my own church sir’…

That, ‘I have my own church mentality’ is heretic and any pastor who influences his church congregation to pursue such a goal is a hireling and not sent of God. When I was in MAURITIUS, I almost became a catholic since the Catholic Church was the only church close to where I was living. I had no choice but to attend because I wanted to have sound fellowship with the brethren and not forsake the Assembly of God. So throughout my stay in Mauritius, I attended the Catholic Church and to be honest, contrary to what I had been told, I literally proved that a lot of the prejudices I had entertained against the Catholic church where lies.

The real problem is, Christians don’t bother to find out the truth personally for themselves but listen to what impostors tell them to do and follow it hook, line and sinker. They don’t take their time to understand the diversities and commonalities that underlie the different denominations we have in the Christian community. Unity in diversity is a unique concept if only we can take time to understand it.

That Catholics don’t jump up and fall on the ground or dance crazily as you may want them to does not suggest that the Spirit of God is absent in their midst. And after all, I did not lose my salvation because I fellowshipped with them. Infact, I gained a lot from them and we all missed each other while I was leaving. That’s how a true Christian should learn to live their lives.

The scriptures clearly says, ‘’the body is a unit, though it is made up of many parts; and though all its parts are many, they form one body. So it is with Christ.  For we were all baptized by one Spirit into one body–whether Jews or Greeks, slave or free–and we were all given the one Spirit to drink.’’ (1st Cor 12v 12-13). So why the fuss then?

Have you ever thought about the day you will travel out of your church to a place where you cannot see any of your brethren or church ministry? Think for a moment what will become of your spiritual life that day! Perhaps that will be a good time to just backslide because of the nonsensical doctrine you have been religiously following ‘’as your church being the only righteous place to worship’’. May God have mercy on you and those impostors who called themselves ‘servants of God’ that are leading you into such heresies!

I have always said this and I meant it…..’ the day I will hear any pastor in my church preach a message directly or indirectly telling the congregation not to fellowship with other churches in the Christian community when I know very well that those churches follow the teachings and fundamental principles of the Gospel, I will face that pastor boldly and correct him out rightly on the issue irrespective out how he feels. Coz, I will perceive him as trying to bring division and sectism in the body of Christ. I am too sure God allowed me to be a lawyer for a purpose. So I am fearless and bold as a lion!

And now to my message……..’I am not a church member or affiliate of pastor T. B Joshua ministries but I will never be an accomplice to bringing down a Church of God or a fellow Christian let alone a servant of God.  Let God be the Judge! The rumours being spread around of ‘washing with warm water as a cure for Ebola’ is totally false and is not emanating as a directive from T. B Joshua’s ministries at all. Agreed that you may have your issues with T.B Joshua, but on this one, there is an error!.

Please, let no one buy into it. That was simply another failed attempt by the devil in trying to discredit the church of God. And it’s a shame that Christians are joining to spread such false rumours and not help put the record straight.

Let me seize this opportunity to encourage all Christians to have an attitude of defending our faith and not allow anyone to bring it to disrepute.  Friendly fire is a concept of the world and should not be entertained in the church. We are supposed to be our brother’s keepers!  Do not become a Samballat or Tobiah or an Aietophel Council against your fellow Christians.

A true Christian must learn to rejoice with his brothers and sisters when they prosper and mourn with them when they go through distress and not rejoice about it. When the state and condition of our hearts is clean an upright to all, then, we make ourselves successful candidates for God’s endless blessings and visitations.

Let everyman be a liar and but let God be true. Jesus is Lord of all.

Rashid Justice Dumbuya – International Human Rights Advocate and Public Defender

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