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Four witnesses lined up for Kamarianba

July 8, 2021

By Hassan Gbassay  Koroma

Three male and a female from Makeni City, Bombali District, on Tuesday, July 6, testified in the ongoing child abuse trial of erstwhile 2018 Sierra Leone Presidential candidate of the Alliance Democratic Party (ADP),Mohamed Kamarianba Mansaray.

All the three witnesses testified that the accused was in Makeni on February 14th 2020, although they could not tell the court as to whether they saw him in person on that day.

According to the witnesses, they were informed by one Isha Mansaray that the first accused was inside his house and was not feeling too well.

“I went to the site and met Kamarianba’s fiancé,  Isha Mansaray, and when I asked her about the whereabouts of  the first accused, she told me that the  accused was inside and was not feeling too well,” one of  the witnesses told the court.

All the witnesses denied knowing the second accused, Marion Aruni and also denied knowing the alleged victim.

Mohamed Kamarainba Mansaray and a co-accused, Marion Aruni, are charged with several child sexual abuse crimes – including conspiracy and sexual penetration.

The state alleges that on February 14, 2020, Valentine’s Day, Mohamed Kamarainba Mansaray conspired with Aruni, and had sexual intercourse with the then 15-year-old secondary school girl

Mohamed Bangura, who is the third defense witness for Mohamed Kamarianba Mansaray, identified himself as a building contractor working for the first accused in Makeni.

The witness told the presiding judge, Samuel Omodale Taylor, that before February 14 (Valentine’sDay), on  the 11th of the same month, the accused travelled to Makeni and met him and other workers at his construction site, where they were busy  constructing a swimming pool.

He said the accused was at the site till his girlfriend, Isha Mansaray, joined him on Thursday, February 13, and that the two spent February 14th together in Makeni.

He said on Friday, February 15, Isha Mansaray  travelled to Kono and on the next day, February 16, the first accused also travelled to Kono with some workers including one Johnny, Wurie and others.

While being cross examined by the state prosecutor, Umu Sumaray, the witness said he was together with the accused on February 14th in Makeni and that on that day they had a party at the accused’s site.

He also told the court that he knows the first accused was in court for alleged sexual penetration of a child.

Ibrahim Fofanah, a caretaker working for the accused, said he had known the accused as politician since 2018 elections, but denied knowing the second accused and the victim.

He testified that he didn’t see the accused on February 14th, but saw Isha Mansaray who informed him that the accused was inside and was not keeping too well.

He said on the following day, February 15, Isha Mansaray, travelled to Kono and that the accused also travelled later to Kono, together with some workers and returned to Makeni two days later.

Sullay Bangura, also a building contractor, said he knows the accused and that he used to work for him.

He noted that on the 14th February, he went to work, but didn’t see the accused.

He told the court that he saw Isha Mansaray who informed him that the accused was inside and was not keeping well.

He said on February 14th they had fun at the accused’s residence, stating that the next day, February 15th, Isha Mansaray returned to Kono and on February 16th the accused also travelled to Kono.

Isatu Kamara, a cook for the accused, also said that on February 14th, she went to collect money from the first accused to prepare food for the workers, but that Isha Mansaray informed her that the accused was inside and was not keeping well.

She further stated that it was Isha Mansaray who gave her the money to prepare food for the workers, but didn’t see the accused.

Trial adjourned to today, Thursday 8.

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