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Forensic report not tendered in court

- says Squadron Leader accused of forgery

May 19, 2015 By Alusine Sesay

Led in evidence by defence counsel E.E.C. Shears-Moses, the accused, Squadron Leader Philip Joseph Shenks, standing trial at a court martial for forgery, told the court that a forensic analysis on the purported leave extension letter was conducted by a handwriting expert at the Criminal Investigation Department (CID), although the report of the analysis was never tendered in court.

Squadron Leader Shenks told the court martial that the forensic analysis was done by the CID on the request of military investigator, Captain Bockarie Conteh of the Joint Provost Unit (JPU), but he was never given a report of the said analysis.

He revealed that his erstwhile defence counsel, Hindolo Gevao, had written a letter requesting the forensic report from the CID handwriting expert, but to no avail.

He told the court that Commander of Joint Forces, Brigadier General Bureh Sesay, conducted further investigations relating to the purported leave extension letter, but no outcome was reported.

During cross-examination, counsel Ishmael Philip Mammy told the accused he was not being truthful during the investigation and while testifying in court, which the accused denied.

Mammy told the accused he was lying when he testified that his lawyer had written to request from the CID a forensic report on the purported leave extension letter, as such request was made by the court after an objection was raised by the defence counsel.

He said the accused had paid the CID officer to conduct forensic analysis on the leave letter, which the latter denied.

Furthermore, Mammy put it to the accused that he lied when he told the court he was coerced to make a statement before military investigator Captain Bockarie Conteh, but the accused insisted he was coerced.

Meanwhile, a prosecution exhibit marked B1, an email message sent to Captain Conteh, was shown to the accused but he denied being the author.

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