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For ‘dishonesty & lack of respect’…

SLFA Vice President II may resign

NOVEMBER 13, 2014 By Sahr Morris Jnr

The Sierra Leone Football Association (SLFA) executive committee could be heading for wreckage as Vice President II, Alie Commoner Kargbo, is set to resign from the Isha Johansen lead executive.

According to a close source to the SLFA VP II, Kargbo is disgruntled about the way and manner in which Madam Isha Johansen and the newly appointed scribe are running the daily administration of the SLFA and how decisions are taken.

Another reason that could see Kargbo quit his position is the alleged deliberate the refusal of the FA president and others to heed his advise of not traveling with home-base players for tomorrow’s 2015 Africa Cup of Nations return leg match with Ivory Coast in Abidjan.

Without any competitive football in the country due to a ban by the SLFA, Kargbo is said to have advised that no home-base players should be shortlisted, but contrary to his advise three players – two (Kwame Quee & Yemi Dunia) from FC Johansen, a team owned by the SLFA president and Ibrahim Bah from Mighty Blackpool – were taken along to Ivory Coast.

“Pa Kargbo considers this as dishonesty and lack of respect because he had earlier warned them not to travel with any home-base players,” the source said.

Another reason that was given is that executive meetings have been staged, as decisions are taken without informing him.

Meanwhile if Commoner Kargbo resigns from the FA the secretary-general must summon an extraordinary General Assembly to fill the position immediately, as stated in Article 39.9 of the SLFA constitution.

“If a position should be vacant, the Executive Committee shall fill that position until the next ordinary congress when a replacement will be elected for the remaining term of mandate. If more than 50% of the positions of the executive committee become vacant, the general-secretary shall convey the extraordinary General Assembly within the statutory prescribed period of time in order to elect the replacements for the remaining term of mandate.”

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