For constructing over 3kilometre classic road…


Regent community extols K&K Investment Corporation

February 16, 2018 By Alusine Sesay

K&K Investment real estate overlooking the hills of Regent
Aerial view of the road constructed by K&K Investment

Having been isolated for over decades,Mosimbo community overlooking the hills of Regent in the Western Area Rural can now breathe a sigh of relief, as one of the stumbling blocks to accessing  the community has been a thing of the past through the generosity of K&K Investment Corporation –the company that has constructed a classic feeder road that links the community with the entire city and other parts of the country.

Residents of the community heaped praises on the company for making the area accessible through the construction of a well paved feeder road furnished with street lights and proper drainage system.

K&K Investment Corporation is a Sierra Leonean investment firm with a growing portfolio in real estate, quarry development, recruitment services, online marketing and security detail provision. The company is led by experienced Sierra Leonean Based management team with broad expertise across all aspects of the investment industry.

Musa Wai is a commercial bike rider who has lived in the community for over ten years.

“We were finding it difficult to live here because the community was not easily accessible. People used to buy land here and abandoned it because there was no proper road network to transport building materials including sand, among others. As you can see now, everybody is now protecting his or her land because this road has added more value to the area. People now have the courage to construct houses in the community because they can easily transport building materials to their different construction sites,” he said.

He described the development as one that others should emulate, adding that it would be good for the government to encourage such investors in the country, who are willing to give back to the community in which they operate.

Regent Community Head, Madam Elenorah Jokome Metzeger, expressed her appreciation for the road, noting that the entire community felt proud that they have been connected with other communities through the construction of the road.

She told Concord Times that she has lived in the community for over fifty years  and that the development is one in a million that everybody should emulate, thus calling on government to provide the necessary environment for the company to invest more.

Gbassay Kargbo  is a community resident who owned a structure in the area. He expressed delight over the development, stating that:  “This is a wonderful development especially for us who are busy constructing houses in this area. Imagine, I had to spend a lot more money to go about my building project but such has been eased through the construction of this road by young Sierra Leoneans who have the country at heart. They are worth emulating.”

Other community residents expressed similar sentiment, thus calling on the government to encourage such investors in the country.

Marketing Manager of the company,Abdurahman  Omega Sesay,  said despite the fact that they were yet to making  any income from their real estate investment in the area, they saw the need to construct the road not only to link up their business  but to also salvage a long standing problem the community has been grappling with for decades.

As a way of fulfilling their corporate social responsibility, he said plans were underway to provide health Centre, mosque, church and school for the community in the near future.

He said their plan is to put up high class residential that would suit the comfort of foreign expatriates, investors and tourists that would be visiting the country.

The Marketing Manager noted that the company has the capacity to undertake any road construction project because they have the needed partnership, machinery and manpower to engage in urban planning.

Sesay continued that the company is operating within the context of Local Content Policy (LCP) because the investment is 100% percent Sierra Leonean owned with 100% Sierra Leonean employees.

“So, the most important thing is that the money is being invested here and rotating here.We have employed over two hundred community youth who are working on the road and the estate as well. We saw the need to engage in real estate development because the country needs housing not only for its citizens but also for foreign expatriates,” he said.