Footballers Association backs Kamara over racism allegation 


DECEMBER 11, 2014 By Sahr Morris Jr.

The OSC (Association of Paid Footballers) has in a statement thrown their support behind Sierra Leone and PAS Lamia FC midfielder, John Kamara, who is expected to face disciplinary action from the Greek Football League Authority for an alleged racism protest.

The Sierra Leone international made a protest against his treatment by his club over the Ebola outbreak in West Africa by lifting his jersey to reveal a T-shirt with the words: “We are West Africans. We are not a virus”. This happened during his side’s 1-0 league win over AE Larissa.

A statement issued Wednesday by OSC expressed its support for the player. The notice reads: “The Association of Paid Footballers accepts and embraces with love all colleague professional footballers who struggle in Greece. To all and to each one, respect explicitly and unequivocally states the obvious. We are the protagonists; we have to give, always be a good example.

“Sometimes, however, it happens that we are faced with situations really special and unique. As colleagues of John Kamara, who was called to account by the competent committee of the Football League, based on the report on the score sheet by the referee, the message written on his shirt is typically proper procedure. Our colleague from Sierra Leone expressed his anguish and wanted to send his own message for his country and himself, in relation to what has been reported for the extension and the impact of the Ebola virus.”

The notice continues: “We are on the side of him and any other colleague who expressed, without affecting the actions, reactions and attitude. The regulation is clear. But clearest of all must be our sensitivity and understanding within the limits. Outsourcing feelings of young people, especially lately, we have heard many have suffered even more from the virus.”

However, a decision is yet to be taken by the Greek Football League Authority regarding the issue.