Florida Water to hit African Market


…Chinese mosquito repellent that could reduce malaria in Africa

July 20, 2018

By Joseph S. Margai in Shanghai

One of the officials of Shanghai Jahwa United Co., Ltd. displaying and explaining some of their products to African journalists

Florida Water, a product of Shanghai Jahwa United Co., Ltd. in China, which protects users from mosquito bites for seven hours, is set to hit the African market.

Manufacturers say the product could reduce malaria, which is mostly caused by mosquito bites, in Africa once it is widely used in most African countries.

Speaking to African journalists at the Shanghai KuaYue factory Tuesday, 17th July, Kevin Xiong, the company’s Strategic Business Development Manager of the Oversea Business Unit, said Florida Water, under its Liushen brand, is already being sold in two African countries, Mauritius and Zambia.

He said Liushen Florida Water, which has multifunctional use, including bug spray, sterilizer, muscle relaxant, and itch soother has already captivated the minds of users in not only Africa but China, US, Southeast Asia, and some European countries.

“When you apply the water on your body, which has a pleasant smell, you will not experience any mosquito bite for seven hours. In Africa, there are three Liushen brand products that are visible in the market which are Florida Water, shower cream and soap. In the US, we have both Liushen and Herborist brands there and the products of these brands are facial mask, shower cream and Florida Water,” he revealed.

He said Shanghai Jahwa United Co., Ltd., with its mission to create beautiful and healthy lifestyles for everyone, and a clean and delightful home for every family, is manufacturing products for skin, personal and home care.

He noted that Florida Water is very effective because it was discovered and manufactured as part of Chinese traditional medicine.

Han Qiao, Product Development Team’s Senior Chemist at the Research and Development Department, said whenever they want to manufacture a particular product they first try to understand what the customers want and also get feedbacks about existing products.

She said 3% of the company’s total revenue is used for research and development, adding that 60% of their researchers have master’s degree and higher qualification.

“Research is the bedrock for a leading brand and for a home and personal care industry like Shanghai Jahwa United Co., Ltd., it is always important to embark on serious research so as to meet every standard set for our products. We produce body lotions, among many other products,” she said.

She reiterated that Liushen Florida Water is the company’s most popular product right now because of its effectiveness is destroying mosquitoes, and also helps users in a household to stay cool.

Responding to challenges they face in overseas market, Ye Weiming, the company’s Chief Sales Officer, said there are different laws and regulations and also different consumer targets, among other challenges.

Quizzed on the company’s communication strategy for consumer’s understanding of their products, he said they first do a thorough research about what the global consumers want and try to reach them through the traditional, social and new media.