First Salone online library to be launched today

November 6, 2020

Founder and Director, DreamDay Technology Limited, Kharifa Abdulai Kumara, has told Concord Times that he will today officially launch the first-ever electronic library in Sierra Leone.

He said his platform – ‘Salone Repository, is an e-library that will give people the opportunity to publish and collect learning materials including dissertations from Sierra Leone that can positively contribute to other students and institutions.      

Speaking in an exclusive interview, Kharifa Abdulai Kumara,said they have developed an online platform that aims to solve solutions in the educational sector in the country.

He said they currently have two projects- DreamDay University, which is an electronic learning platform that allows university students and busy workers to attend lectures online.

He said their second project – Salone Repository’ is an online library that allows people to do publications online so as to attract more readership.

He said the online library also allows people to access books, published dissertations from universities across Sierra Leone.

He observed that Sierra Leone is behind in terms of Information Technology (IT) in which the world is moving, noting that the emergence of COVID-19 has taught Sierra Leone a lesson that the country should go digital.

Kumara continued that their e-learning and online library will create significant impact, stating that it is difficult to find any dissertation from Sierra Leone online, even though they are valid with a potential to solve problems for other students and institutions.

He called on the government and other organizations to come on board and support his initiative for the benefit of the country.

He said the platform is too light and one doesn’t need to spend much mega bite to access and download from their website.

According to him, they have written to mobile companies operating in the country and government ministries so that they could partner, but that they were yet to receiving any reply from those companies.

He said they are officially launching the online library which will officially be opened to the public and that anybody who has material can share it on the platform.

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