Fire destroys 25 houses in Shenge


January 26, 2016 By Victoria Saffa

A fire accident at Tissana, Shenge in the Kagboro Chiefdom, Bonthe District, has destroyed over twenty-five houses along the main fishing wharf.

The fire started in the afternoon hours on Saturday, 23 January and completely burnt millions of Leones worth of properties, although there was no serious human injuries.

According to an eyewitness in the scene, the fire was caused by a candle lit in one of the houses. Ibrahim John said that the entire village was bemused as the fire blazed, noting that it was one of the biggest disasters to have hit the chiefdom in five years.

He noted that the area, which is a predominantly fishing community, has no fire-fighting equipment.

Fishing activity in the area means residents use local methods to dry fish, which leaves them susceptible to fire disaster.

The disaster left over 150 residents homeless, according to John.

He called on the Office of National Security and the government to help the victims with basic needs like food, shelter and clothing as most of them sleep in the open at present.

The Sierra Leone Police personnel deployed in the area are reportedly investigating the cause of the accident.

The country has recorded more than five fire outbreaks since January 2016. The Electricity House in Freetown, which was engulfed in fire last December, was again on fire just last week, while a Safecon fuel station also caught fire in the east-end of Freetown in early January.