Female Presidential Aspirant to Prioritises Free Healthcare


January 19, 2018 By Memunatu Bangura


The lone Female Presidential Aspirant running under the ticket of the Unity Party, Madam Femi Claudius-Cole, has vowed to prioritise free healthcare service for all in Sierra Leone.

Madam Claudius-Cole said Healthcare for All was one of six priority areas in her manifesto including Good governance, Human Capital Development, Economic development, Land and Natural Resources, Foreign Policy and National Security.

She explained that healthcare in Sierra Leone is in crisis and that too many people do not get any treatment, stating  that all those who get treated often receive poor care, while  too many die from easily treatable diseases.

In her manifesto, she stated that the maternal mortality rate in the country was six hundred and thirty in one hundred thousand births; infant mortality rate was one hundred and twenty- seven with a life expectancy of 46 years.

According to her, pregnant women and girls in the country were often unable to access lifesaving treatment because they were too poor to afford it, and that one in eight women risk dying during pregnancy or childbirth, adding that it was one of the highest maternal death rates in the world.

The presidential candidate further explained that Healthcare management was chaotic and that a small percentage of the population has health insurance, adding that training standards and care were often poor while healthcare infrastructure was obsolete, patchy and in need of investment.

She said the country needs modern healthcare system where every citizen would access basic health services, adding that the UP party recognises the urgent and immediate need for public health officers -for more access to clean water and clean environment to make it disease free.

She stated that women and girls needed urgent improved  healthcare infrastructure with a new network of local clinics and dispensaries to provide affordable drugs and service and build a network of local and mobile providing free and affordable health service and drugs with the aim of ensuring that their lives of are safe.