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Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Female MPs demand more women in Parliament

Sierra Leone Parliament is male dominated with about 86% men. A gender bill proposing increase representation of women was tabled in Parliament last year, but the bill seems stagnated in the legislative house.

In an exclusive interview with Jariatu S Bangura, female MPs shared experiences on their journey into the male dominated parliament and explained the need for increase representation of women in the country’s law making body. 

The under-representation of women constitutes a serious democratic deficit, which undermines the legitimacy of the contemporary democratic ideal. Parity democracy and the promotion of women in decision-making positions are therefore important areas of action for the country, Jariatu wrote more on the experiences of female MPs in the Thursday edition of this medium.

Also in the Week that Was, Bank of Sierra Leone (BSL) announced the country will start using its new currency next month.  The central bank on Thursday declared July 1st   as a day the redenominated currency will start circulating across the country. The Bank says the new currency is all set waiting for the date to begin circulation. Citizens will stop using the existing Leone currency as a legal tender effective October 1st, 2022.

The new Leone will not have the last three zeros as the existing one. There will be a new 20 Leones note, and huge amount of coins equivalent to the current currency.

This is the secon time BSL has redenominated the country’s currency. The first redenomination occurred in 1964 when the British West African Pound was converted into the current Leones and cents by dividing the West African Pound in which 6 pennies became 5 cents or 1 Leone, and 240 pennies became 2 Leones.  That’s all we have today in the Week that was. See you next week Monday on the same page.

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