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FCC delivers 45 projects in 2021

By Ibrahim Kabba Turay

While launching the third year report of the Transform Freetown Initiative from January 2021 to January 2022, the Mayor of the Freetown City Council, Yvonne Aki-Sawyerr disclosed that the council executed 45 projects within those 12 months.

The Transform Freetown project, which was introduced on 24th January 2019, according to the Mayor, was to give a facelift to the country’s capital that used to be one of the darkest and worse cities on the globe. 

The 105 pages report covers lots of activities, if not all, which Council within the aforementioned period, undertook and implemented.

Among the 45 project FCC executed were urban farming initiative , completion of a new drainage system in April , flooding mitigation activities , development of the city climate action plan , lighting of the cotton tree, Freetown beautification , informal settlement upgrades and  establishment of the Kroo Town road early learning adventure centre.

 “In 2021, we built on gains made by the urban farming initiative in 2020 by expending it to two new communities –Ojuku Junction and Kamayama, with funding from the UN Habitat. Together with our partners, Catholic Relief Services, Federation of Urban and Rural Poor and the Centre for Dialogue on Human Settlement and Poverty, 200 female –headed households benefitted from the project,” the mayor disclosed.  

According to the report, in 2021, with funding through Concern Worldwide, FCC installed rainwater harvesting system in 50 locations across the city, as part of its response to COVID-19, whilst simultaneously improving general water access to vulnerable communities.

In the area of health and water also, the report states “We continue to make progress to increase access to water for our residents that need it most by installing water facilities, which consist of water tanks, plumbing connection to tap and in some cases water to harvesting system at over 100 locations.”

Wirth regards to disaster prevention and mitigation, the Mayor said since January 2021, the Council Disaster Risk Management (DRM) Team responded to more than 40 disasters throughout the city.

“Over 25 of these were fires affecting more than 1900 households and over 8900 people. Other smaller incident included building collapses, landslides and floods. The FCC DRM was often the lead response coordinator partnering with the government agencies and local and international NGO’s to deliver supplies such as food, shelter, water and non-food items to the affected population.”

In the area of revenue generation , the report pointed out that FCC’s assets have now been streamlined and automated and such exercise enables FCC to issue 377 lease/ rent demand notices to tenants lessees in 2021, which signifies a 38% increase in the number of lease/rent demand  notice issued over the year 2020.

Despite the 45 different achievements being made by Council from January 2021- to January 2022, the Mayor noted that they still have their challenges, which they were fighting to surmount on a daily basis.

And among such hurdles are to secure sufficient funding to execute all planned projects and also executing the agenda with limited FCC staff numbers given FCC budgetary constraints.                 

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