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FBC Lecturer battles in court with student

August 10, 2021

By Hassan Gbassay Koroma 

A Lecturer at Fourah Bay College is currently in court with one 25 years old student of the Milton Margai Technical University (MMTU), for alleged wounding with intent.

Juanis Tanga of Milton Margai is currently before Magistrate Hardy Jalloh of Court No.4, on two counts of wounding with intent and assault occasioning bodily harm.

The state alleges that, the accused on 31st July, 2021, in Freetown, assaulted and wounded the complainant.

In his testimony, the complainant, Assana Sheku Sobgo, who introduced himself as a lecturer at FBC, said he came to know the accused on the night of the alleged incident.

He said on the night of 31st July, he was at Morgan Lane in Freetown, at 10:50pm, when he saw a lady who was being chased by an unregistered vehicle, decided to seek refuge through him.

He said the vehicle stopped by abruptly and that the driver in the said vehicle- now the accused, was forcing his way to have a chat with the lady, who refused to accept the gesture.

“I intervened and asked the accused to leave the lady alone, but the accused refused to drive off and responded that he was not talking to me. I further told the accused that the lady is my brother’s girlfriend, but the accused insisted that he wasn’t talking to me,” he testified. 

He said the accused alighted from the vehicle to attack him but his friends who were also in the vehicle stopped him and shoved him back into the vehicle. 

“The accused attempted to put on the vehicle to move, but the vehicle didn’t start. I told him even the vehicle is angry at him that why it doesn’t want to start again,” he said.

He said after that comment, the accused and his friends came down the vehicle and started beating him, adding that the accused used the vehicle’s key to stab him on his left jaw.

He said during the fight, a man came to his rescue and arrested the accused.

He said the accused later escaped and abandoned the vehicle and his friends.

He said the four people who were in the vehicle with the accused were later arrested by community people and taken to the New England Ville Police Station, where he was issued a medical report and later made statement. 

Matter continues.

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