Fatima Bio in Rome – Italy: Re-directing the role of a woman behind the Sierra Leone presidency

First Lady,Fatima Bio in Rome

By PEL Koroma, Washington, DC

Quite striking, and with so much elegance, a woman of her nature has remained very sensitive ever since she joined her husband President Rtd Brigadier Julius Maada Bio in the Presidency, beating the odds and barriers of the African society. Dr. Fatima Bio has not just projected herself as an icon, but she has indeed impressed on all First Ladies in the world that with so much wittiness, pageantry, and humility the collaborative voices of women will continue to echo.

Dr. Fatima Maada Bio will join other women in the world today, the 18th of November 2022 to celebrate their gains in the struggle for a place in the male dominated world. It is in the annals of history that our First Lady of Sierra Leone has become a part of the history making women, establishing with so much effort that November 18th has been recognized as a date to be celebrated for the prevention, and healing from child sexual exploitation, abuse, and violence by the United Nations during the 77th General Assembly.

While in Rome, First Lady Fatima Bio will be honored for a project she started in Sierra Leone – the Hands Off Our Girls, in which she exerted steadfastness, and the acumen in promoting burning Women Issues, first on the African Continent, and now on the world stage. The Lioness of Sierra Leone has roared with so much velocity that Sierra Leone has become the green light for the freedom and respect for women on the world stage.

Global Collaborative, a survival led network of child advocacy organization, survivor networks, academic and faith-based institutions, and governments committed to ending child sexual abuse, and supporting victims and survivors of childhood trauma in their healing will recognize under the ‘Theme’ – ‘Our Heroes Gala’ the First Lady of Sierra Leone in Rome-Italy for her commitment in championing relentlessly the protection and Healing of Child Dignity.

The First Lady of Sierra Leone Dr. Fatima Bio will join other recipients of the Global Collaborative Award in the rank of Professor Jennifer Worthan of Harvard University, Marci A. Hamilton -Founder and CEO of USA -Child, Catherine Russell – Executive Director of UNICEF, Taylor Perry, a Hollywood Actor, and other top advocates for the First World Day for Prevention of, and Healing from Child Sexual Exploitation, Abuse and Violence.

Her Excellency Dr. Fatima Maada Bio is the first First Lady in the history of the formation of the United Nations to have presented a Resolution at the UN General Assembly that has been adopted with consensus from 118 countries. She has made African First Ladies proud, bringing to focus the role of women in the modern African society.

Back in Sierra Leone, it is indisputable that Dr. Fatima Maada Bio’s handy- mark will remain on the walls of posterity, and the archives of Sierra Leone history that would be researched on, as the only First Lady that has gone beyond the usual limited space for women in Sierra Leone. Say what you may, Dr. Fatima Maada Bio has divulged the prowess of an Africa Woman, with the opportunity accorded her by her husband President Rtd Brigadier Julius Maada Bio. She is incompatible to any First Lady Sierra Leone has ever produced. She has raised so much awareness among women, and girls, exposing their potentials that would be utilized in the development of Sierra Leone.

Spectacular in her work is the construction of a 500 beds hospital at the 34 Military hospital in Freetown, and her support to the Kono healthcare services. All these have been championed in the first five years of the Presidency of President Bio. With her vision, the First Lady has brough pride to the leadership of President Bio – exercising love and support to her husband without an iota of misgiving.

Sierra Leone is proud of Dr. Fatima Maada Bio. African women are positioning themselves for greater roles and responsibilities in the world.


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