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Fatima Bio consoles women, children  

August 28, 2017 By Mohamed Massaquoi


20 years old Kadiatu Kargbo is still struggling to get firsthand information about her husband since the mudslide and flooding occurred on August 14th in the capital city Freetown.

While government is yet to put out official figures as to the number of people that actually died during the incident, hundreds of corpses have been buried and Kaidiatu is worried that her husband might be among the dead.

Hundreds of dead bodies have been buried by government without proper identification because some which were retrieved from the rubbles were completely disfigured beyond recognition.

Kaidatu lived at the Pentagon community with her husband before the incident.

Her ten months old pregnancy could not have allowed her to swiftly move away from the disaster, but with the help of community youth, she was evacuated alongside her two children.

“I am still waiting to hear from my husband. Our residence was completely washed away by the heavy torrential rain that flooded the entire community. A lot of people died. I am happy that my three years old son and six years old daughter survived with me, but who can now take care of us when my husband is still missing. Everything is gone. We’ve lost everything. Our house, everything. The mud came down with the water so fast and I did not see my husband,” she narrated, with tears in her eyes at the Hope for Ebola Orphans Care Centre west end of   Freetown.

Many women and children still continue to suffer as a result of the incident despite the fact that government and other humanitarian organisations have provided emergency relief services.

The Executive Director of  Hope for Ebola Orphans Care Centre, Madam Mayila Yansaneh, explained that Kadiatu and her two children were taken to the centre after her workers visited the Pentagon community.

 “This centre was established during the Ebola outbreak. We have got a branch at Moa Wharf where we now have over two hundred orphans being catered for.

This is a private venture and we are asking for more support from individuals, government and humanitarian organisations,” she said.

Many Sierra Leoneans have been donating food and nonfood items to survivors of the August 14th incidents and it was on that note that Maada Bio, one of the leading aspirants of  the main Opposition Sierra Leone Peoples Party  (SLPP) and his wife madam Fatima Bio have been moving from one centre to another to give support to the needy.

The story of Kadiatu urged Fatima to visit the Hope for Ebola Orphans Centre, where she consoled the former and other children.

“Her story is very pathetic and that is the reason I am here with my entourage to give them the little support and to assure them that we are with them,” Fatima said.

She observed that many women and children are suffering and it is now time for people and organisations to help the people.

“We have been moving from one place to another to donate food and non-food items to these flood and mudslide victims. This is not because we have money but it is our duty as humans to care for mankind that are in difficulties. The SLPP is in opposition but we are doing our best. The flood and mudslide disaster is a national incident and all of us should come together to address this situation,” she said, adding that she will continue to support Kadiatu and her young daughter.

“I want to thank all of you for the support you are rendering to these women and children. It is a difficult job to do but I am sure you are doing it because of your diligent is serving humanity. God will bless all of us in our undertakings,” she noted.

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