Father on the run after dumping child in hot water


By Alfred Koroma

Father of one-year-three-month-old boy is on the run after dumping the feet and hands of his son in hot water, according  to  ASP Alie Jalloh, Spokesman, Waterloo Police Division.

He said the child is presently in Waterloo government hospital receiving medical treatment and called on the members of the public in Waterloo to support the police by giving vital information that will lead to the arrest of Alhaji Sankoh, father of the young victim who went on the run after committing the cruelty against the innocent child.

According to ASP Jalloh, the mother of the victim took the matter to the police, saying Alhaji Sankoh, the true father of her son took their child’s feet and hands and immersed them into hot water, causing a scald on them.

Over the years, Waterloo has been a hotspot for violence, gross human rights abuse and other criminalities.

Speaking to SLBC Moring Coffee Program, ASP Jalloh called on the people of Waterloo to help the police with vital information leading to the arrest of criminals in communities within Waterloo in other to reduce crimes within the area.

 He also disclosed a separate event, informing the public about the arrest of a notorious criminal, hired to kill and torture people. ASP Jalloh said Alimamy Sesay who is also known as White Boy was arrested in Waterloo with human parts and guns in his possession after being on the run for three years.  He said the criminal was arrested along with his gang members.


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