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Farmers express frustration over world market price of  cocoa & coffee

July 7, 2016 By Victoria Saffa 

Farmers in Kpawama village, Bo district, in the southern province, have expressed dissatisfaction over lack of information on the current world market price of cocoa and coffee.

Mustapha Gbehenwa, a cocoa farmer in Kpawama, who cultivates nine hectares of cocoa, says they commenced production before the civil war ended, but were still not au fait with the price of the produce in the world market.

He said they were being exploited by some ‘wicked’ business people, who unscrupulously cheat farmers.

He called on the government to provide them with a market as they were tired of doing business with middlemen, whom he said unilaterally determine the price of the valuable agricultural produce at the detriment of farmers.

Also, Damani Gbehen of the same village, said they depend entirely on cocoa and coffee farming as their major source of livelihood.

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