Farmer sentenced six months for unlawful possession of  ‘Kush’


By Mohamed J.Kargbo

Magistrate Mark Ngegba has sentenced forty-six (46)- year-old Lansana Dumbuya or  alternatively pays a fine of NLe1, 0000.

The accused  was in court on two count charges of unlawful possession of drug contrary to Section 48(1) of the Pharmacy and Drugs Act 2001 and possession class ‘A’ drugs without reasonable excuse, contrary to Section 17 of the Pharmacy and Drug Act 2001.

 The charges were read out to him and he pleaded guilty as charged.

It was alleged that the accused person on November  29,2022 at N06 Mockomock Street, Hastings  in the Western Rural district of the Republic of Sierra Leone, was found in possession of three (3) wraps  of Kush and class ‘A’  drugs to wit four (4) tablets of Tramadol without lawful authority. 

The exhibit officer, Mohamed Yusif Jalloh, attached  at the Exhibit Store, Criminal Investigation Department (CID)  said on the above said date,he received the items form Sergeant  10646 Fofanah  for safe keeping’

He  produced and tendered  the said exhibits in court to form part court records.

Meanwhile, defense council submitted that the accused didn’t waste the court’s time, but pleaded guilty to the offense.

He asked the magistrate to temper justice with mercy because the accused person was a first offender and that he has learnt his lesson.   


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