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Families of ‘Citgo 6’ see release of one as hopeful sign for the rest


Gustavo Cárdenas’ years-long “nightmare” came to an end Tuesday night when he and another American citizen were freed from detention in Venezuela.

“This terrible situation has caused a lot of suffering and pain, much more than I can explain with my words,” he said in a written statement following his release. “I got out of jail and got my freedom after about 1570 days of wrongful captivity. It was a very hard time marked by deep pain, but also by faith, hope, love, and survival.”

Gustavo Cardenas, one of the Citgo 6, is reunited with his family after his release from Venezuela.

Cárdenas was one of six US-based former Citgo executives – known collectively as the “Citgo 6” – who had been detained in Venezuela for more than four years after being summoned to Caracas in November 2017 for an alleged…

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