‘Fambul Tok’ launches PPP in Mongo Chiefdom


May 2, 2017 By Hassan Gbassay Koroma

Well-done John Caulker

With support from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and New Deal, ‘Fambul Tok’ International, one of the leading non-governmental organizations in Sierra Leone, has launched the inclusive chiefdom dialogue on People’s Planning Process (PPP).

The launching took place last Wednesday, 26th April, 2017,at  Bendugu village, Mongo Chiefdom, Koinadugu district, northern Sierra Leone.

The PPP, according to Fambul Tok, is an approach to healing, recovering and prioritizing ongoing development in Sierra Leone that places people and communities at the centre. It is an inclusive community mobilization and engagement process for community welfare and development. It builds on Fambul Tok’s long standing experience of designing; supporting and implementing community owned and led process of post war reconciliation in Sierra Leone.

Emmanuel Marah Mansaray, Fambul Tok’s Programme Officer, said after the end of the eleven years rebel war in Sierra Leone, many developments took place in the country, adding that Mongo chiefdom benefited from newly constructed houses and water wells for some displaced people.

“In any development, planning is key because it would create a platform for members of the community to tell you what they want. This is why Fambul Tok has come up with the People’s Planning Process. This process is aimed at helping communities to plan ahead so that when any development project comes, they would be able to direct them to the right path,” he said.

Chiefdom Speaker of Mongo Chiefdom, Kamaron Balla Marah, thanked Fambul Tok for launching such a project in the chiefdom.

He said their doors would always be opened and that they were willing and ready to work with Fambul Tok for proper development planning process of their chiefdom.

Councilor Balla Marah of Ward 152, Constituency 44, said many developments programmes have been coming to the country since the war ended,but noted that Bendugu village has not benefited from such development even though they suffered the most during the war.

Fasalie Marah, Section Chief of Mango section, said after the war few projects were taken to his section in the chiefdom but people were not consulted, adding that most of those projects were useless to the community and the people.

He expressed his appreciation for the launch of the PPP, which, he said would provide them the opportunity to plan their own communities’ development which will be useful to the people and communities in the chiefdom.

Meanwhile, Fambul Tok will be working in 13 sections in the Mongo chiefdom, Koinadugu district. In consultation with the chiefdom authorities, Fambul Tok has selected Upper Deldu, Lower Deldu, Mankalia section and Benadugu, as the first four sections in the chiefdom to implement the PPP.