Eyewitness testifies in former FTC Principal Murder trial


January 24, 2019

By Hassan Gbassay Koroma

Hawanatu Bangura, an eyewitness in the ongoing preliminary investigations of the former Principal of Freetown Teacher’s College, Dr. Sahr Fillie, who allegedly murdered his wife, yesterday told the court how the deceased was murdered.

Dr. Fillie, 52, is currently before Magistrate Santigie Ibrahim Sorie Bangura presiding at the Freetown Courts No.1, on three counts of murder, causing death by dangerous driving, careless and inconsiderate driving contrary to the Road Offences Act of 2007.

Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP), Eric A. Deen, had alleged that the accused on Sunday, 28th October, 2018, at Furniture Junction Allen Town, Eastern Freetown, due to careless driving, murdered his wife, Kadiatu Fillie.

In her evidence in chief, the witness told the principal magistrate that she recognised the accused and recalled the date of the alleged incident-Sunday, 28th October, 2018 at Furniture Junction in Freetown.

She said on that fateful day, while she tried parking her car at Furniture Junction, she overheard a loud sound behind her.

She told the court that she alighted and enquired into the cause of the sound and later noticed that the accused had run into his wife.

The witness told the court that she shouted for help, while two men later came to the scene and took the deceased, who was in a pool of blood.

She explained that the deceased was later rushed to the hospital before she could leave the scene.

She said the accused was later arrested and handed to the police before inviting her to make statement.