Exclusive: Mercury International Football Product Goes Online


March 20, 2018 


In its continued effort to make Mercury products easily accessible to all their valued customers, the lead Sports Betting and Lottery Company in Sierra Leone, Mercury International on Friday, 16th March, launched an online betting product to meet the demand of its esteemed customers.

This facility would enable Mercury’s customers who have access to internet, stake their bets online, have access to all Mercury fixtures, receive notification of winning or loss and enable them to withdraw any amount within their winnings in a bid to make betting easier.

Explaining the significance of the online betting at the Company’s head office, Managing Director of Mercury International, Martin E. Michael, said the online betting product was in line with their customers demand to go online.

This will further ease the stress of standing in queues at our various locations to bet through our TPMs across the Country, he said.

“This is also part of our unending effort to meet customer’s expectations and satisfaction by providing the best options to be part of our games. This will help especially our customers who have access to internet bet on our games in the comfort of their offices, homes and various work places globally,” he explained.

“When Mercury was established in 2007, we started off with scratch cards, we later transformed to TPM system of betting. Last year, we initiated payment through mobile phones using ‘afrimoney’ and this year we’ve gone online. Even though the online betting is only limited to Football, frantic efforts are under way to include other products. This is a revolutionary new way to bet on our games, it also minimizes mistakes, maintains 100% privacy and user friendly. Therefore, I want to encourage our customers who have access to internet to try the online betting and help us with feedbacks through the feedback Colum on our website,” says Mr. Martin.


STEP 1: You are first of all required to log on to www.mercurybet.com  and the hompage will appear, click on the yellow Icon on the top right of the page, a registration form will appear and it’s a MUST you properly fill it which will enable you create an account. You must exclude the mobile on the registration and click “Sign up”.  It is also imperative you have a working email address, once the account has been created you can access the main features via your account.

STEP 2: You are required to purchase a voucher through any of our retailers across the Country; you will receive a 12 digit code on a printout slip from the retailer which will also indicate the amount you’ve purchased. Go to your homepage and click voucher and follow the instructions, vouchers can only be deposited between the hours 8am to 7pm, Mondays to Saturdays. The online site is available and accessible 24 hours a day 7 days a week to bet.

HOW TO BET: To place a bet, simply navigate to the events and market your wish to bet, once you tap on the price the betslip will appear at the bottom of the screen, enter the stake you wish and then tap next and place your bet.

WITHDRAW: Go to payment on the webpage and go to withdrawal and request how much you would like to withdraw, once this has been approved the code will be available in your account, present the code to any of our retailers and collect your cash. Please note that withdrawal requests are processed daily and may take a day to go through and in extreme cases it may be 48 hours.