Ex-President Koroma to help recover missing government vehicles


April 12, 2018 By Regina Pratt

Chairman of the government vehicles recovery committee, Hon. Rado Yokie, has said that ex-President Ernest Bai Koroma would help track vehicles that have been declared missing days after the new government took over.

The former Sierra Leone Peoples Party lawmaker said that about 4,000 vehicles have been reported missing since the new government took over.

“After the programme on [FM98.1] Tuesday, I received a call from President Koroma that this is not acceptable and ‘I will track those vehicles,” he told the Morning Coffee programme on Sierra Leone Broadcasting Corporation, adding that the former president then informed the committee to collect seven vehicles from the fleet parked in front of his house at Goderich.

He added that some other government officials have already agreed to cooperate with the committee to track the missing vehicles.

Hon. Yokie said their mandate was just to recover missing government vehicles after the new administration realised that a good number of government vehicles had gone missing.

He said CCTV footages at the Wellington-Masiaka tollgate show images of government vehicles being drove out of the city.

He said they were running after the vehicles because the new government is not prepared to buy new vehicles but to use those that the former government left.

He noted that the committee has not appointed any taskforce or vigilantes to seize vehicles, adding that it is the responsibility of the police to recover the missing vehicles.

“There is no witch-hunt on civil servants as they are not part of this operation,” he said.

He said about 70 ambulances that were parked at Cockerill have disappeared, adding that one of the ambulances was seen parked in a garage without a number plate.

“It will surprise people to note that doctors, well placed people and also an adviser to the former President Koroma attempted to cross the border with government owned vehicles,” he said.

He thanked the police for working with his committee to recover the government vehicles, adding that Assistant Inspector General of Police Morie Lengor, who is head of the International Crime Unit and Interpol, has been assigned to work with his counterparts in Guinea to help track some of the vehicles.

Hon. Yokie said that Minister of Transport and Aviation Leonard Balogun Koroma had notified him to collect two fairly new vehicles parked at Road Transport Corporation for the use of the President and Vice President, but that the vehicles are not in good condition.

He also revealed that a bulletproof landcruiser that was parked at a garage owned by one Alie Bah along Kingharman Road has been spirited away by unknown individual.

“We have not even recovered 400 vehicles out of the 4,000 vehicles missing from the former government,” he said, adding that they have information that some of those vehicles were in Makeni and Kabala.