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Ex-APC Chairman’s house gutted by fire

OCTOBER 14, 2014 By Jariatu Bangura

The house of ex-Regional Chairman South of the ruling All People’s Congress (APC) at No. 9 Fagoya Road, off New Gerihun Road in Bo, Harold Hanciles, was last Friday (October 10) set ablaze by thieves, leaving properties worth millions of Leones destroyed.

One of the daughters of the former chairman, Michaela Michaels nee Hanciles, told this reporter that thieves had on many occasions made futile attempts to gain access into their compound at night, but were successful last Friday.

She explained that the thieves entered the compound with hammers and bars with an intension to destroy the main doors, immediately after three young boys and a toddler had gone to bed, adding, “They were spotted by me and my husband and we shouted at them but they ran away.”

She further explained that after an hour, the thieves returned and set the building alight, and that they were saved by one of the boys who woke up to use the bathroom but was unable to do so because the living room had been overtaken by unbearable smoke.

“He then shouted fire! Fire! Fire! This shout prompted the immediate neighbours to wake up from their beds to save lives,” she said.

The matter is being investigated by the police in Bo, although it remains unclear what the real motive of the robbers was.

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