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Etsy buyers are supporting artists and small businesses during Ukraine invasion

“I call us the spider women,” she said of her fellow volunteers in an email to CNN.

She said some people cut out fabric, some hang up the webbing, others make the braiding and children also come to help.

“The process reminds me of rug weaving,” Shevtsova. “The hands are busy and it feels better. Last time when I was there we also sang Ukrainian songs, and it was so cool to uplift the spirit!”

She lives in a small town in the Dnipropetrovsk region in southeastern Ukraine with her 10-year-old son and her dog and cat.

Shevtsova has been selling her woven goods on the Etsy marketplace since 2015 and said weaving is her primary source of income.
People around the world are booking Airbnbs in Ukraine. They don't plan to check in

She cannot ship orders right now because of the fighting, but she is still getting support from international buyers who’ve purchased her digital patterns and gift certificates. Some people have also ordered physical products, but told her not to worry…

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