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Ethiopian air force strikes hit Tigray region on Sunday

One of the strikes hit a military command post and training center belonging to the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) — the region’s ruling party — in the city of Mai Tsebri, according to Legese.

A second strike targeted the town of Adwa where Legese alleged the TPLF were manufacturing military equipment and fake Ethiopian National Defense Forces uniforms.

The strikes are part of Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed major offensive against the TPLF, which began last year. Thousands of civilians have since been killed, while more than 2 million have been displaced.

TPLF denied that the Ethiopian air force had hit military targets in Tigray on Sunday, and instead said the strikes targeted a hospital and a textile factory.

“Abiy Ahmed’s Air Force did target a local hospital in May Tsebri,” the spokesman for the TPLF Getachew Reda tweeted Sunday.

“Ironically, they also targeted what…

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