Energy Ministry launches Western Area extension project


October 9, 2015 By Victoria Saffa

The Ministry of Energy Wednesday, 7 October launched a new project for the procurement, installation and commissioning of reinforcement and extension of minimum and low voltage network and supply of prepaid meters and vending stations in the Western area, almost 40 years since a similar project was carried out in the country.

The project is financed by the Islamic Development Bank and undertaken by Tunisian group STEG International Service and will lead to the installation of about 10,000 prepaid meters from Congo Cross to Goderich and Rokel, including the Lumley Beach area. The construction of a two customer service center is also part of the project.

Speaking during the launching ceremony at Aberdeen, Minister of Energy, Ambassador Henry Macauley said the project is being prioritised because for too long people along the tourist corridor at Lumley Beach and other areas in the capital have been complaining about poor electricity, adding that with the completion of this project the quality and access to electricity in the Western Area Would significantly improve.

Ambassador Henry Macauley described the project as a significant milestone in that it shows the government’s commitment to improving power supply and distribution across the country.

In his remarks at the ceremony, Member of Parliament representing constituency 111, Hon. David Johnson said he was happy that some of the promises government made are now coming to fruition.

 According to the ruling party MP, electricity is a very big challenge for residents in that part of Freetown, notwithstanding that it is a major tourist hub, adding that his constituents have been complaining about the lack of electricity and low voltage in some areas.

He promised to provide morale support for the project and urged consumers to pay their bills regularly.