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Thursday, May 19, 2022

Emergency hospital brings succour to 8,199 children

By Ibrahim Jaffa Condeh

All Works of Life (AWOL) award winners, Emergency hospital, has since January brought succor to 8,199 children at the pediatric outpatient clinic, according the Medical Coordinator Luca Rolla.

The figure covers the first quarter of this year and represents 82% of under-fives who have visited the outpatient clinic, while another set of 441 children have so far been admitted at the centre, requiring various surgeries, which is done free of cost.

“Our facility is also opened to all lactating mothers and children within the community and the entire country in need of urgent medical treatment,” Mr. Rolla said.

He revealed that 1,064 children have received urgent and successful surgical operations at the hospital, with 50% suffering from trauma, while the patients were provided with food and other basic needs.

Patients at the hospital and their relatives were effusive in expressing thanks and appreciation to the management for the care and support provided to them before their operation and throughout their rehabilitation.

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