Eid Adha Celebration: IIYL, partners support 66,720 vulnerable Muslims in Africa


By Alusine Sesay

The International Islamic Youth League (IIYL) and its partners including Humanitarian Organizations Global Ehsan Relief Singapore, International Islamic Youth League IIYL Asia Hub, slaughtered 715 cows, 277 sheeps and 287 goats to support 17 African countries during the 2023 Eid Adha Celebration.

As it is commonly referred to, the Qurbani meat distribution during 2023 Eid Adha celebration benefitted 66,720 vulnerable Muslims from the 17 African countries where the slaughter took place.

Sierra Leone, Ghana, Mali, Senegal, the Gambia, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Ethiopia, Uganda, Niger, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, Tanzania, Chad, Somalia and Cape Verde, were among the countries that benefitted from the gesture.

 The slaughtering of animals and the distribution of meat to vulnerable Muslims in Africa is yearly commitment of the International Islamic Youth League, implemented during Eid celebration.

Aside from the distribution of meat on Eid celebration, friends from the Middle East and Asia have through the International Islamic Youth League (IIHL) provided a big boost to the Government and people of Sierra Leone in constructing ten  (10) Ultra-Modern Islamic Complex across the country. The project which is in advance stage, is facilitated by the Global Chief Executive Officer of IIYL, Ambassador Dr. Hamid Ahamed Kanneh.

Each complex will have a mosque, Quranic school, special places to hold ablution, toilets, residence for the Imams and community health centres. The organisation has over the past years facilitated the construction of hundreds of boreholes, created thousands of employment especially for youth through vocational youth training, thereby providing livelihood for them in selected communities in Sierra Leone.

IIYL has also facilitated the distribution of food aid to vulnerable and needy victims in the country, especially at Six Mile in the far east of Freetown.  This was done in partnership with the World Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ICESCO).

The IIYL received and facilitated the transportation of  11×40ft containers of different hygiene products and other humanitarian aid goods worth US$2 8 million. About 100.000 copies of the Holy Quran have also been received from partners and distributed across the country. With such gestures, the organization promised to do more for the country and people.

The International Islamic Youth League (IIYL) is an international Non-governmental Humanitarian and Developmental group. IIYL is a signatry to the code of conduct with International Federation of Red Cross (IFRC) accredited to the United Nations Economic and Social Council, the International Youth Federation and the Organization of Islamic Corporation. The IIYL is also a founding member of the Union of NGOs if the Islamic World and it is officially registered in 48 countries across the Globe .

Some of the key operations of the IIYL particularly in Sierra Leone are to give support and care for Orphanage Homes, build schools, mosques, construct water wells in deprived communities.


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