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Ehis Victor Eghobor: We have lost a rare gem

By Gabriel Benjamin

Tributes have continued to pour in since the death of Concord Times Communications’ General Manager, Ehis Victor Eghobor, who will be laid to rest today in Accra, Ghana. In this tribute, Gabriel Benjamin the Chief Operating Officer of Concord Times Communications says the institutionhas lost a rare gem and genuinely good man.

Shock. Sadness. Sorrow. Sighing. Ehis Victor Eghobor’s death is a loss too many; indeed we have lost a rare gem.

At a time the lions roared and the lily-livered found refuge in the recesses of their homes, the likes of Ehis were the proverbial hewers of wood and drawers of water who labored hard for the strong foundation upon which we have continued to flourish.

Ehis, though soft-spoken was admirably courageous, forthright, steel-hearted, selfless, humble, and was never sitting on the fence on any issue that questions the humanity in us. He was a man of deep conviction, who marshaled points with logic and firmness to the point where you always knew where he stood on issues. He was also a straightforward man who cared for his friends and foes alike; and was always willing to sacrifice for what he believed in and for those whom he cared for.

The demise of this great man of honor and integrity signifies an end of an important era in the annals of Concord Times Communications. Though a First Class graduate of the Institute of Public Administration and Management (IPAM), who reached an enviable height in his chosen career, he was committed to our ethics and tenets.

While he was with us, he directed his energy, time, and resources in providing leadership at critical times to steer us out of deep crises that almost swallowed us up. Indeed, he was a rare gem. An icon!

Ehis epitomizes our zeal for success. He did not just lead from the front; he was protectively committed to our collective goal. He was the rallying point for several of our activities. He was a great team player. He was a first-class manager.

As the Printing Press Supervisor between 2010 and 2015, he was there in the thick of all the struggles, discussions, and negotiations during our transition from Krootown Road to Edwards Street. He was never found wanting.

He was a very principled man and lover of God. He served the Body of Christ to an excellent level. It is on record that he is the first person to share the Sanctuary Church daily prayers on WhatsApp to both Christians and Muslims every morning. We have lost a Servant of God. We have lost a rare gem.

Ehis death has left a huge vacuum in our daily life. He will be sorely missed. He did his best in the service of the people as a Printing Press Supervisor, Head of Operations, and General Manager.

His big dream— to restore Concord Times Comunications to its glorious good old days, though unrealized while he lived, remains the most potent priority for us. This dream, not by coercion flows freely, daily from the heart of every one of us he left behind. In recognition of his immense contributions, he would be honored in a double fold, at a proper church service to be held in his honor, and a night of tributes which will be announced on a later date.

The best we, the living can offer in immortalizing the spirit of our quiet but highly courageous and resourceful manager, is to stay the course in ensuring that those ideals he fought for while alive, and that stood him out are relentlessly and genuinely pursued and preserved.

We pray the family to take solace in the fact that the late Nobleman lived a good life which made a great impact not only on his immediate family but on everyone who came in contact with him.

We will never forget him. He lives in our hearts. He lives in us. He lives with us.

In Ehis Victor Eghobor, we lost a rare gem.

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