Egypt envoy says trade brings development & better life


November 22, 2016 By Ibrahim Tarawallie

The Pharo Egypt Exhibitions Organization yesterday commenced its third Egypt and Middle East Trade Expo, which would run until December 4 this year at the Miatta conference basement in Freetown.

The objective of the Egypt and Middle East Trade Expo is to promote and display quality products from Egypt that attract a worldwide demand, as well as forms part of cultural highlight

During an interview at his residence on Sunday (November 20) when the Egyptian traders paid a visit, Ambassador Maher Almahdy, stated that trade brings development and better life because it helps in creating chances for people to work and make more income.

“I believe in trade and movement because if you move more, you will gain more to improve your life and future. I am happy about the expo and I have been talking with my authorities in Egypt to encourage people to come and invest in Sierra Leone. We have quality standard goods in Egypt. We have many privileges that can work for both countries,” he said.

According to him, the staging of the trade expo annually would help in improving the bilateral cooperation between Sierra Leone and Egypt because more trade and investment mean better relations.

He added that bigger trade also helps to open houses, support families, fight corruption and terrorism, as well as other vices.

The Egyptian ambassador also spoke about their intention of having a permanent trade expo in Sierra Leone in order to improve on the cooperation between traders of the two countries.

He revealed that during his meeting with traders from Egypt, the possibility of reducing the prices of goods that would be sold as a result of the current economic situation,was discussed.

He said he has extended an invitation to Sierra Leonean traders to visit the expo, check the goods and try to mingle with their counterpart for better cooperation.

Executive Director of Pharo Egypt Exhibitions Organization, Yehia Eldakak said the first Egypt and Middle East Trade Expo was held in July 2014 with the essence of giving out some knowledge about products from Egypt to Sierra Leoneans.

“We have great relations between the Sierra Leone government and the people. We want to improve our cooperation with the community for the better,” he said and added that with mineral resources the country has, they were hoping for better cooperation on some economic issues.

He said the trade expo would last for two-weeks and that a total of twenty (20) products, including carpets, furniture, tires, women accessories and watches would be on sale for Sierra Leoneans and other nationals to buy.

With regards the prices for goods and relation with the Ministry of Trade and Industry, Mr. Eldakak said they have been working closely with officials from the ministry, especially the minister and his deputy since the inception of the trade expo.

He revealed that at first, there were complaints from buyers with regards to prices of their products but they stopped complaining after they saw the quality of products.

“We have seen great success since we started in 2014 which is why we continue to stage the expo. We change our products every time. Our products are very good. I am encouraging the public to visit the trade expo to find what they need for the Christmas period,” he urged.