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‘Education is an economic right’

October 5, 2017 By Yusufu S. Bangura

President of the Sierra Leone Union on Disability Issue (SLUDI) has yesterday observed that education is an economic right for all human beings, including people with disabilities.

Speaking during  the Human Rights Commission of Sierra Leone’s  ‘’engagement on challenges and redress mechanisms for persons with disabilities at the Blind School Hall on Wilkinson Road, Alie Martin, said  they as disabled people needed education, adding that it is through which they  could hold big office positions in the country.

The SLUDI president stated that there were still challenges with his disabled compatriots as some of them were facing discrimination whenever they apply for jobs, even though they are qualified.

‘’We are pleading to the commission to help us in the area of protecting the  human rights of disabled people, as they have right to job opportunity as other human beings,” he urged, adding that they as disabled people did not know where to make complaints whenever they are victimized by others.

Commissioner, HRCSL, Richard Dumbuya, noted that the purpose of the engagements on the challenges and redress mechanism for persons with disability was to engage all the various stakeholders in the disability community so as to reflect their aspiration, adding that all issues they wanted to see in the manual will be captured.

The HRCSL Commissioner stated that each person who is a disable will not be disadvantaged, and that they as commission have provided perception for complaint handling manual procedures by disable people.

Supervisor, disability unit, HRCSL, Mohamed Kuyateh,said they needed to deal with complaint handling mechanism with disable whenever their rights are violated.

Commissioner, National Commission for persons with Disability (NCPD), Jonathan Conteh, spoke on some of the challenges they face as disables, saying enforcement of the law has been their main challenge and that whenever a disable is beaten by non-disable and the matter reported to the police,no action could be taken.

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